Rostock Calibration [05-29-18 ]
I just love the rain. Rain knocks the pollen out of the air, it waters your plants and it allows you some quality time in the garage to design and experiment with some concepts.
Well thats what I did this weekend.. The Challange this time? Spend some time re-calibrating my printer.

I have the original "Rostock Max v1" and I have been using it for years. Its hard to say how much filament I've ran through this printer but like any other piece of equipment it has finally started to show its age. Everything is still the original equipment.. original thermal resistor, heat sensor, belts.. everything.

I've decided to buy a brand new 0.5mm tip from SeeMeCNC to see if this one item can bring my machine back to its original condition.. Which it did! My compliments to this company for such a well designed machine.

So of coures with a new tip I knew I needed to perform another calibration. While the tip was heating up I was studying the mount that holds the head and thought maybe, just maybe I could design an attachment that i could attach to this mount to suspend a set of digital calipers. If successful, it would ease the calibration task.

After 2 failed attemps I finally came up with a designed that worked well. It could even be permanently mounted on the existing bolts without removing the hotend..And one wire tie would be all that is required to secure the calipers to the mount which could be easily removed while printing..


By snapping a rubber band across the bottom and stretching it across the jaw of the calipers the force would keep contact to the bed no matter where you drop the head.

When I first ran the scripts to calibrate the head, the jaws intersected with the extruder ever so slightly. Not enough to cause any damage but casting doubts on wether this concept was gonna work...

But then, really, there was no reason to come down diagonal before contacting the bed.. I can come straight down, raise up just enuff to keep the calipers off the bed and drop it at the points i needed..

so I rewrote the script..

G28   ;Home Axis 
 G0 Z0 F3500    ;Go straight down
 G4 S3     ;pause 3 secs
 G0 Z100     ;Go up to Z100
 G0 X0 Y90 F3500   ;Go to back post
 G0 Z0   ;Go Down
 G4 S3  ;wait 3 secs
 G0 Z100   ;Go up 100
 G0 X77.94 Y-45 F3500    ;go to right post
 G0 Z0   ;Go Down
 G4 S3  ;wait 3 secs
 G0 Z100   ;go up 100
 G0 X-77.94 Y-45 F3500  ;go to left post
 G0 Z0    ;Go Down
 G4 S3    ;wait 3 secs
 G0 Z100   ;G0 up 100
 G0 X0 Y0    ;center head
 G0 Z0 F3500  ;touch middle again
   ;Stay here till you adjust your Limits
  ; Now do it again

Using this technique i was able to get all points within 0.02mm from the center.
Here's the video..

If you have need of or would like to print it here's the STL
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