Video Description
This was the initial testing.. a sort of proof of concept. I am using a “PICKIT 2” to program a 12f675 Microchip to randomly output a simulated candle flicker while monitoring a motion sensor.
The first bench test of my “Yard Candle”.
A distance test of the “Yard Candle”
Testing the sensitivity of the “Yard Candle”
This is a short video of 5 “Yard Candles” mounted on my split rail fence. Its a pretty Kool effect to see these lights trigger every morning like runway lights.
This is my workhorse and my favorite printer. It came as a box of parts which took awhile to build but its been a dependable design with very little upkeep maintenance.
How kool is this? Once you can program a finger to open and close, its not a big leap to define the subroutines like “I love you”, “Gun” and “peace sign”. I i had a dollar for every time someone mentioned the show “Big Bang Theory” …
This took some time.. but its quite amazing how the physics of a printed “Worm Gear” can lift this arm with ease.