"the Yard Candle"
STL Files.


The following STLs' are for those of you who have 3D Printers and wish to print them yourself. Keep in mind.. I never feel like anything is truely a "finshed" product and everything can always be improved on. Therefore I'll just state it's still a work in progress

These are the lights we are creating. They consist of 3 independant parts:

  • The Top Mount Shell
  • The PC Mount
  • The Top Cover

This project is designed for the "Wide Mouth" mason jars since thats what I picked up on the cheap at the dollar store...

I had recently made 5 of these lights which I easily suspended on my split rail fence. They make use of a Microchip 12F675 which are the brains of this device. This 8-pin Microprocessor has the responcibility of flickering both a Red and Yellow LED to simulate a candle flicker as well as monitoring the proximity for motion within a 20 feet range. Once a motion is detected the flickering is suspended and 2 high intensity white LEDs kick on. As long as motion is maintained the Lights will stay on. Once the motion is suspended a 30 sec delay is started. If no motion is detected after 30 secs the flicker motion is resumed. .

Are these Lites Solar?…

No they are not. Although it is possible to convert these lights to solar, I personally didnt want lights that were entirely dependant on the prior day's sunshine or cloudy conditions. I have solar lights for that. If your interested on converting these lights yourself .. feel free.

How are you powering them?…

The lights operate off of 5 volts which I supply with a 5 volt "wall wart" transformer.

The STLs'

IMG Description Link
The Top-mounted version
top hanger
The Lid
The PCB Mount
PCB Mount